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Stop! 🧠 2.0

This is a nofap group You are not alone who is fighting against this addiction It is among the most popular nofap communities on internet It is our 2nd group because first one got filled *Group rules:* Save this for later. 1- This group is exclusive for people seeking help quitting  masturbation. 2- Stay under the subject. 3- Any sexual content will result in owner's removal forever. 4- Inappropriate language isn't allowed here under any circumstances. 5- The main language here is english. 6- Racism is undoubtedly impermissible. 7- Scammers will be removed. Do not link any content unless it has a goal/intention that goes under the group's matter. 8- Your religion is something for you, treat others with respect and do not doubt or debate other's religions. 9- Do not advertise here. No promotions expected, contact in personal for promotional contents. 10- Consider this as a warning, Prosecutions may be made.

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